Young Life leaders are more than caring adults who serve as role models for kids. They are involved in kids' everyday lives.

There are a few ways that Young Life makes a positive impact in kids' lives. Four of those way are listed below:

CLUB is a safe and fun place where kids gather weekly to sing, laugh and hear a message about a loving God.  It is a place for them to feel part of a group and to begin exploring God and how He can be a part of their lives.

CONTACT WORK is the heart of Young Life's ministry.  Simply put, contact work is taking an active interest in kids' lives, all in an effort to earn the right to talk to them about life's deeper issues.

CAMPAIGNERS is a smaller group of kids who meet with Young Life leaders to learn about God by studying the Bible, having discussions and learning to pray.

CAMP is keyed to the adolescent's urge for adventure.  Young Life owns and operates 24 premier properties across the country, where more than 90,000 kids spend a weekend during the school year or a week each summer.


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